Beaches & Parks

Beaches near us…. There are many many more in the surrounding area:

Baginbun – go through village of Fethard past shop and Neville’s – about 1/2 a mile along road you see a sign to go straight on. Follow this down to beach – really lovely little beach. Very safe for swimming.

Carnivan – again go through village past shop and Neville’s turn out of estate and instead of going straight when you come to bend in road follow main road for about 1 mile and you will see sign on left Down to beach. This beach is fabulous for walks – on the beach you can walk to the right and there are a load of low level rocks – if you go over these there is a shingle beach on the other side. We often go here and light fires, play etc. Lots of people swim but be careful of rip tides.

Grange Beach – walking distance from house – two ways to get to beach one with slipway and one more rugged. Great beach for walking and canoeing, etc swim at end of slipway only.

Nearly every road round the coast leads down to a beach – some of them are dangerous to get down to but are really lovely beaches.

Duncannon Beach – a couple of miles away – nice little village with a fort you can walk around and a few nice pubs. Beach is long stretching one and you can drive onto it.

Dollar Bay – really lovely beach but step climb down to it – not for the faint hearted. Great for kids swimming – really really safe. Can fish of rocks here also. On road to Duncannon.

Sandell Bay – on road to Hook Lighthouse. Small bays. Walks

Nice walk from house down to Harbour – takes about 1 hour to get there and back (depending on speed of children). Suitable for buggies, bikes, or rollerblades. At bottom of estate turn right, at top of hill after bridge turn left – road to Harbour.

Baginbun to Carnivan – you can walk from one beach to the other – there is an adjoining path.
You can do the cirle from our house – up to Baginbun – don’t take road to left keep to right and it takes you round to Carnivan beach and back along main road – about 3 miles – takes between 50 mins to 1 hour. Suitable for buggies, bikes. Roads safe to walk along.

Grange Beach – can walk again from the house – down to Grange – see my map.

Slade Harbour – to Hook Lighthouse – you can walk from either one and back. Across the field there is kind of a path worn. Absolutely beautiful on a nice fresh day. Can also fish from rocks here.

Hooklighthouse to Slade – this takes about 50 mins to 1 hour – over fields or by road. Over the fields is just fab – keep to the rock side and follow path . My favourite walk. You can come back by road but at weekends road is very busy so be careful.

JFK Park – you can go here and walk as little or as much as you want. Also they have a pony and trap that can take you round the park which is excellent – think it is about €20/25 for 4/5 people and takes about 1 hour or so. The guy gives you a great talk as well about the land and everything – very interesting – even the children enjoy this. There is a little coffee shop here that does scones, sandwiches etc or you can bring you own picnic.